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We love checking out other peoples inspiring fashion blogs, and thought that it was about time we shared them with you.

They know the who, what and where in fashion and are the first to report on the must-have fashion pieces. We have to say there are loads that we follow, so we thought we’d list just a few of them here for you. 

Do you have a favourite fashion blog?

We would love to hear your suggestions!    Let’s share the love . Lau, AKA Susie Bubble, is a writer and editor living and working in London. Susie started her blog ‘Style Bubble’ in March 2006. It consists of her widely read thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent. Susie works full-time on her blog and other freelance projects, including writing for Elle, The Daily Rubbish and Dazed Digital. Born in Seoul, raised in Warsaw and now London based, Shini Park is a Graphic designer and writer behind the fashion blog, Park & Cube. The blog was launched in November 2008, consisting on topics ranging from fashion to food. Shini also is an ardent explorer of secret hideouts in London and fashion DIY projects. After graduating Central Saint Martins, Park now works as a web designer and photographer while running Park & Cube. Hagelstam comes from Finland and now lives in London, but her style surpasses continents—she’s a total it girl worldwide. Her blog is inspired by a love of stilettos, platforms, and other teeteringly tall shoes. But Sandra is more than just a girl with a heel habit. Currently a student at the London College of Fashion, she’s both brains and beauty. Alice is a fashion blogger and a street style photographer, based in London. was created 5 years ago and since then she has been sharing her sartorial life and her passion for fashion and photography which she captures in London as well as on her travels. She is trying to bring a bit of California to Notting Hill. Disneyrollergirl launched in 2007 as an ‘anonymous fashion insider’ blog while she was employed as a full time fashion director on a magazine in London. Now, as a freelance fashion editor and consultant, the blog is a place to ‘empty her head’ of all the things she sees, hears and thinks about on her daily fashion beat as well as a showcase for some of her own work. Fashion your seatbelts is a london based fashion & lifestyle blog written by toni Caroline ogle. Five Five Fabulous is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by sister duo, Reem and Natalya Kanj based between London and Dubai. Through the lens of their Canon they capture and share unique content covering their personal styles, travel and culinary experiences. Isabelle O’Carroll – Londoner, fashion and lifestyle writer, stylist, consultant and internet wizard – created IsabelleOC in 2008 as a repository for her thoughts and musings on fashion, food, beauty and bikes. The blog content is sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always awesome.Isabelle and her blog have been featured in The Times, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, LOOK and The Guardian, while The Telegraph called her “one of Britain’s best fashion bloggers” and named her one of Britain’s Top Fashion Insiders On Twitter, Vogue have featured her on the Online Fashion 100. Kristabel was born and bred in London. “I Want You To Know” has turned into the backdrop for my defining twenty-something years. Fashion is my obsession, I dress for myself first and foremost and attempt to express my personality through what I wear. It encourages me to push myself in so many ways and I’m working out how to push things a little more. The blog is an online scrapbook for all of the things I appreciate and am inspired by, plus everything in between. Typically I document my outfits, bargain finds, press days, travels, exhibitions and the odd fashion show. As I evolve as a person, the topics may broaden and vary but in essence the voice stays the same.  Exciting! Laetitia Wajnapel, the founder of is a Parisian journalist and consultant living and working in London. started in November 2007 as a way to stay in touch with far away friends but quickly started focusing on Fashion & Lifestyle, featuring inspiration sources, style posts, travel journals, fashion week reviews, interviews and much more. A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog written by Jennie May, a twenty four year old photographer from Derbyshire in the UK. Style Slicker is a fashion and lifestyle blog, originally started out as a street style blog in 2008 before it became a fully fledged visual-heavy fashion and lifestyle blog 2 years later.Born in Northern Ireland and raised in London, Kit Lee of Hong Kong origin is a London based freelance fashion stylist, creative consultant, photographer, and much more.  Graduated from London College of Fashion nearly a decade ago, Kit is a keen fashion crafter with 10 years worth of sewing and dress-making experience, whose DIY projects have been featured in Company, Grazia UK and international editions, Glamour US, Marie Claire Mexico,,, in music videos and many more. This blog is written by Charlotte from The Netherlands, living in London. THEFASHIONGUITAR is my virtual diary about fashion, friends, travels, and other things that keep me busy I started up 5 years ago as a geeky 17 year old. I always had an online diary of sorts (LiveJournal anyone?), so starting a blog was inevitable! Now I divide my time between a full-time job and snapping everything from fashion and food to London and cities across the world for the blog – and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My name is Zoe, I’m 22 years young & a writer & enthusiast of all things “Beauty, Fashion & Life” related.In February 2009, after indulging in various other Beauty Blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on in the Beauty world, I decided to join in on one very boring evening, and “Zoella” was born. I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I’d purchased & other opinions on products in general. Before long, I had a small following of people that enjoyed reading what I’d written, and this was amazing in itself, as really, I’d never expected anyone to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little space on the Internet. Months & Years passed, and the following grew to the 5 digit mark & now I’ve expanded into the scary realm of YouTube & My Blog posts are slightly more varied, covering beauty, fashion, life stories and some other controversial & health subjects thrown in for good measure.



Do you have a favourite fashion blog?

We would love to hear your suggestions!    Let’s share the love .

























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